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My november 2014 goals and project report

My November 2014 Goals & Projects Report

This month I thought I’d write a detailed report about the progress that I’m making towards some of the goals and projects that I currently have on the go. This is my November Goals/Project Report, which goes over some of the major projects and the progress that I’ve made on them so far. It’s my hope […]

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fighting spirit

9 Things Successful Property Investors Won’t Do If They Want to Create a Life of Freedom and Adventure

                Travelling the United States for 5 weeks – Murray and I helicoptering through the Grand Canyon How did I do this? What inspired me to become a property investor living a life of freedom and adventure? Years ago at this time of day, I’d be looking out […]

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House Rules Episodes Team

Watching House Rules Episodes: The BEST Way To Spend Your Time….

I really don’t watch much television at all, but every now and then I get sucked into watching one of these reality Australian renovation shows. (Damn it!) At the moment I’ve been watching the House Rules episodes. I justify my actions by claiming it’s research for my businesses (my blog here and our property investing). […]

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