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My March 2015 Monthly Review

My March 2015 Monthly Review

I have decided that at the end of each month I will write a detailed monthly report about my property portfolio and investor lifestyle. There is a lot more to owning a property portfolio than just simply signing a contract, sticking a tenant in your property and forgetting about things.
I hope by sharing my Monthly Review it will be helpful for you to read about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to creating and managing a property portfolio and investor lifestyle. This is going to be the real life stuff involved with property investing. Most of flashy sales teams trying to sell you properties will never tell you about these behind the scenes things.
I will share as I review any challenges I faced. What I can learn from these experiences? What good can come from it? By finding the positive and the lessons learned, those challenges then become your asset. This will ensure you don’t make the same mistakes or experience the same challenges/failures for your upcoming investing journey.

Interest Rate Reduction

For the third time in less than twelve months, this month Murray called the banks we have loans with and requested they review and reduce our interest rates. I have to make it clear, that this request is in addition to the drop in interest rates the banks have given as a result of the RBA reducing rates this past year. It really does pay to continually check in with your bank and keep them honest. This is extra money in our bank for just 10 minutes effort.

South Hedland Deal

This is a deal we are doing with a Joint Venture partner. You can read about the deal in more detail here where it all started.

Joint Venture Agreement in South HedlandThe property that is currently on the land has come up for lease renewal and the agents are recommending a drop in rent which is not unexpected given the current conditions in the mining arena.

The initial plan was to have already started to build the first of the new houses (4 x 2) by now on the rear of the block. To date this hasn’t happened for a couple of reasons. The main one is that we are investigating the opportunity to use pre-constructed buildings in a slightly different configuration from our original plan.

Some good research has been done by our partner on the option to have some smaller modular style accommodation built in China and shipped to WA for installation and final fittings. It would be very much along the same lines as what a builder in Perth has recently done recently that you can read about in this article.


Original plans: Two 4 x 2 houses plus one 2 x 1 granny flat giving us three rentable properties.
Currently being considered:
Two 4 x 2 modular multi-key units. Each of these modular units would have dual occupancy (multi—key) which means each 4 x 2 can be rented out as two 2 x 1’s. In addition, we can also fit two 2 x 2 modular multi-key units. Each of these modular units would have dual occupancy (multi-key) which means each 2 x 2 can be rented our as two 1 x 1’s.
In total, this option would provide us with a total of eight rentable units.

As with the homes Mr Forster has erected, the houses would be Cyclone-D rated and designed to meet the needs of the demographic current looking for accommodation in South Hedland and Pilbara region.

So, our joint venture partner is continuing to research the costing, viability and rental demand for this type of property. As you can see, the modular units would provide us with a much larger rental base and spread our risk should any of the units not be tenanted for a period of time.

If we decide to go ahead with the change of direction in what is built on this property, the current DA approval in place from Council would need to be re-submitted for some changes although we can’t foresee any difficulties in getting these amendments approved.

We were fortunate to buy into the Pilbara region at a time when the prices had already dropped considerably, and now it’s a matter of working out how we will maximize returns on our investment so that we can ride through the current conditions and still be players in the field when the next lift starts to occur – and I believe it will.

One thing we are realizing very quickly is that in the world of property development, the words 12 months really means 18 months icon_smile

Balmoral Joint Venture

This deal is a sub-division on a block of land in the inner suburbs of Brisbane. The sub-division is now completed and we have engaged a marketing company to promote the blocks of land to builders with mock plans of the type of house that could be built on these properties that would still provide a builder with a good profit margin himself, and see us receiving our expected asking price for the two blocks.
Hopefully next review we might have had some nibbles on these blocks icon_smile

Melbourne Sub-Division

This project is a larger 80 lot sub-division that is being done in two Stages. Large machinery is starting to come in to do earthworks, drainage etc and I’ll post some pics as soon as I have some.  Many of the Stage 1 blocks have already been sold.

We will be due to receive one chunk payment of some of our capital back that we invested into this project so the Line of Credit will enjoy having another $50,000 in it. This payment schedule was all agreed upon and set out in legally drawn up Loan Agreements between ourselves and our JV partner.

Gamble Green

We’ve recently replaced the oven in this property, and the tenant is now complaining to our Property Manager that it is not working properly and is inefficient.
We have also just ordered for a security screen to be fitted to the front door. This will assist in airflow in the warmer months, but more importantly, will also address the needs to meet with safety standards now imposed on rental properties.

Flynn Street, Churchlands

The new tenant that moved into this property in January has been no trouble and the increased rent we are receiving is very welcome. There will be a rental inspection on this property mid April. We have decided to attend this inspection personally so we can see first hand how the property is being kept.

Daly Street

A tradesman has been contacted to go and quote on some repairs to the patio at this property.
We are still waiting on a report on exactly what needs doing and the cost.


Principal Place of ResidenceWe have flagged 2015 as a year to do quite a few maintenance jobs on our principal place of residence. The most urgent was to replace the front doors which were very weather damaged and not a good look as the entry point to our home. The new doors look fantastic and still need a final coat of paint to finish them off which we’ll do after Easter.

Reviewing Our Own Portfolio

We had a good review of our current property portfolio during the last few weeks and can see that our focus still needs to be on increasing our borrowing capacity/income further to be able to add still another property or two into our portfolio. The sooner we can add these properties, the longer we have it to take advantage of another full property cycle.

Books I’m Reading

MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

I was unsure about spending the time to read this book as I knew it had a very large focus on shares and mutual funds. But I figured if it was written by Tony Robbins, there would have to be something I could learn from it. And I was right! I’m only part way in, but this is a book that I would love to make as essential reading for all teenagers or young adults. The first few chapters lay the foundations for understanding the importance of saving, investing and having your money work hard for you. Even as a seasoned saver and investor, these are good reminders for me too. I’m looking forward to finishing the rest of the book. (I should get some good reading in over the Easter break!).

Property Investing Support Blog

Although this blog is reflective of the personal journey both Murray and I have taken to build a multi-million dollar property portfolio, it is important to me that visitors also see it as being a professional and high quality hub for information. It is for this reason that I have spent much of the past month working with designers to re-design this site. I am planning on being able to release the new version to the public by the end of next month, so watch this space….

Lifestyle & Personal Development


I’m excited to have locked in my ticket to the annual ProBlogger event. It’s an event for lots of other bloggers and online entrepreneurs to get together and improve their presence and make new connections. It will be good to visit the Gold Coast and get lots of new ideas on how I can deliver great content to you on this blog. icon_smileicon_smile

Meditation and Journaling

At the end of 2014 I decided it was important for me reduce the high expectations I was setting on what I could achieve with my time. To learn to say ‘no’ sometimes and be sure to spend the majority of my time on things that were going to move me closer to both my professional and personal goals.IMG_1575

I am now regularly including meditation into my week and enjoying the process. It’s a new skill and one that I have wanted to introduce for a long time. I am also journaling every day giving gratitude and setting intentions for what I want my new day to be like. My journaling and meditation have both been helpful introductions to my daily routine to me start my days in a more peaceful way.

Goals Review

The end of March also saw the end of the first quarter of the year. It was time for me to review my quarterly goals. To see which ones got hit, and which ones fell short. It’s the first time ever I’ve been really committed to setting my long term goals and consistently reviewing my progress.  I break the long term goals down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. I have to say I love it and have got so much more accomplished this way. I can still make even more improvements for sure, but I’m happy with the results so far.

I enjoyed putting this Monthly Review together and I look forward to doing one again for April. It’s great to share what’s working and what’s not and to give you an insiders view to property investing and wealth creation. Thanks for reading!

Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have.  I’d love to hear what you think!

Here’s to your success! icon_smile





P.S.   If you want to find out how you can start building a property portfolio that will fund a life you love… then the next step is to reach out by submitting a message by clicking HERE and I’ll look forward to seeing if I can help!

11 Tips For New Investors Nervous About Buying A Rental House

nervous buying rental propertyAs a new property investor, these are some of the ideas that have helped me and others get going when we have been nervous about buying a rental house.

1. Turn your analysis paralysis into a need-to-do list.

Breaking the whole investing process down in steps or a timeline will make it easier for you to take the emotion out of the process and just focus on what you need to do next to reach the goal you desire. It adds to confusion and nervousness if you try to remember everything in your head. Get it out on paper and worth through what needs to be done systematically.

2. Don’t get bogged down in media headlines.

The only way news channels and newspapers keep themselves in business is by selling. The bad stories make a great headline. That is why you see and hear so many. These horror stories and stories about the market dropping out of property is what feed the newsroom.

3. You are buying a rental property not a home to live in.

The property you buy will be a home to someone else, but it will not be your home.  Make your decisions from the point of a landlord and not a home owner. Many tenants will not have the luxury of being picky about things such as whether or not the bathroom is at the beginning or end of the corridor. Buy a property in a good location at a good price that will have tenant demand. That’s it!

4. Determine what spending limit you are comfortable with or require and stick to it.

You might be able to afford to buy an investment property worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars more than you are comfortable with. Be sure you’re buying a rental house that matches your comfort zone then, pull that trigger!

5. The key isn’t doing a home run the first time you buy a rental property.

But instead, to get started and not lose money! You will always be learning and changing your decision making processes, but until you take action and buy that first one, there will be nothing to improve upon.

6. Find and maintain a balance of doing due diligence and not over thinking.

When you are first buying a rental house and you start of look at all the numbers and official documents involved, it’s easy to get stage fright. Of course, check things over carefully, but there will reach a point where you must stop over-thinking or it will drive you crazy and you will end up doing nothing! If the numbers stack up – go for it!

7. Consider the 3 important elements.

Regardless of how many concerns you have or how nervous you are about buying your first rental house, it all comes down to 3 things when looking at a property:

  • Numbers: Do the numbers make sense?
  • House: Is the house in the condition you think it is and is it the type of property that will rent well?
  • Purpose: Is there something else you want to be doing in life? I’m guessing there is.

If these 3 things match up, you should probably overcome your nervous edge and get on with it!

8. Remember you’re not alone.

Everyone’s nervous about anything that will involve stepping outside of the comfort zone. Take some time, check your numbers. Gather a reliable support team (not a sales team!) around you and ask lots of questions.

9. Don’t listen to your brother, uncle, Mum or next door neighbour.

That is of course, unless they have already built a multi-million dollar property portfolio. You think you’re nervous. And yet you’ve still reached the point where you are seriously considering buying a rental house. Let me tell you – your brother, uncle, Mum or next door neighbour is even more nervous than you are – because they probably have never even reached the point you are at because they are so scared. These type of ‘helpful’ advisors can undermine your desire to build wealth and live a life you love quicker than you can say Jack Robinson.

10. Forget ‘la-la’ land.

Sitting on your coach thinking of how great it would be ‘if’ will get you nowhere. Wishing, dreaming, hoping is all great (and fun). But they won’t get you the results you’re after. They say knowledge is power. In fact it is not. Action is power.

11. Let the past be the past.

You might have had times where you have made decisions to invest your money before and perhaps it hasn’t worked out so well for you. Let bygone’s be bygone’s. Just because one thing didn’t work out well in the past, or someone else had a bad experience does not mean you will too.

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Think of the reasons WHY you wanted to invest in the first place.[/box]

Remind yourself of the adventures you’ll enjoy, the time you can spend with family, telling your boss you quit.  Constantly remember the real reason you want to create wealth through property. Things won’t change from your current reality if you don’t take action.

If you don’t start now, you never will. You may feel nervous buying a rental house but there is no one else to wait for. It’s all you – and your future is waiting for you. After all…

A year from now you will wish you had started today. 

Now get out there and buy a house!

Thoughts? Leave me your comments below, and click the little share buttons below to share this post on your favorite social media channel!


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Free Property Investment Seminars – Are They A Waste of Time??

freepropertyinvestmentseminarperthYou’ve got your weekends all planned out then you open your emails and see this…..

Free Property Investment Seminar

Damn! Now you have a decision to make. You can stick to your weekend plans and keep your spouse and family happy. Or you can decide to grab a ticket to the seminar, commit to anything from a few hours one night to a full weekend to go to the free property investment seminar and start a household argument that leaves the air frosty for longer than it seems worth.

I’m a big believer in investing in one’s self education. I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars over the past 10 years on travelling and tickets to events, seminars and workshops all over the world. All in the quest of knowledge and self improvement.

I love to learn more about property investing as well as other subjects that interest me and affect my life including fitness, online marketing and personal development.

As you can see, much of the information and inspiration I share on property investing is delivered to you through my blog here at So Darren Rowse and Fay Mclean, Problogger Seminar perthwhen I heard that a true leader in his field, Darren Rowse from was putting on an event in Perth I jumped at the opportunity to get a ticket and learn from an expert.

It was an amazing day. I got to meet and network with loads of inspiring bloggers all sharing their skills and expertise through their blogs. People like Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids and Kelly Exeter from and Editor of Flying Solo. And of course, I was totally inspired by Darren himself!

This was a paid event and well worth every cent. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for every event I’ve paid to attend.

When it comes to seminars about property investing, whatever price tag is attached to a seminar ticket, does not necessarily indicate the level of value that will be delivered. In fact, many free property investment seminars can deliver massive value. There are some important points to keep in mind as you see these offers come up though.

Here are some warning signs to help you recognise dodgy investment seminars and avoid being ripped off.

1.  Be aware of over-hyped and misleading claims.

Some promoters of free property investment seminars will send an ‘exclusive’ invitation through the mail to attend a ‘premier wealth event’. There will be motivational speakers and they may claim their financial secrets have the power to turn you into a millionaire within a few years.
Claims like these sound great and are almost always over-hyped or misleading. The recommended investments can be expensive, highly risky and lose you money.

In fact, the very first major seminar I ever attended was this type (not a property seminar though). Being naïve as I was, I paid out $30,000 (yes that’s right – $30K!) and got none of what was promised to me!

If there is a big upsell and sales pitch at the end of the event, then that’s the very reason the event was free in the first place. The company will be making all their money from their sales pitch. You will have been given a trickle of information to wet your appetite and if you want any more information then you’ll have to pay big time.

Solution: Keep your money in your pocket! Whatever you do – DO NOT sign up to pay out any money for information or advice on the first night. Don’t fall victim to anyone who hassles you to make big decisions involving lots of money on the spot. Go home and let the information sink in first and then make your decisions in the clear light of the morning.

2.  Constantly Changing Strategies

There are many strategies to build wealth through real estate. Many of the strategies do work well together such as renovations and sub-divisions. But when you are starting out its ideal to focus on one strategy. Which strategy you focus on will depend on your income, your goals, your personality and how far away you are from wanting to give up your day job.

Sometimes you can attend a seminar or workshop and not long into the session, your head is spinning with an overload of information. Just yesterday you really thought you were sure about what type of investing strategy you were going to follow and now….. everyone is telling you something different and your head is spinning like a yo-yo on a piece of string.


A quick way to lose time and money in the market is to constantly jump from one strategy to the next. One minute thinking you might buy a house and renovate. The next minute thinking you want to build. While strategies such as these certainly work, if you are always out there trying to make a quick and easy financial killing, you always run the risk of your financial capital being quickly and easily killed.

If you’ve already decided you are following a set strategy such as buy and hold, then keep your head down and bum up and stay focussed. Pick your strategy and then learn everything you can about that one strategy before you move onto the next. This way you’ll gain momentum and be able to make wiser decisions as you become more educated.   Keep your eyes on the goal.

Good Reasons To Attend Free Property Investment Seminars, Events or Workshops

1.  Great Networking Opportunities

You don’t have to do this journey alone. In fact, it’s much more fun and motivating to be around other people who share the same challenges and goals you do.

At a free property investment seminar you will be in a room of like minded people and this means you’ll have a great opportunity to network and meet people who may very well be able to support you in your investing goals. [quote]Anyone who becomes successful has never done it all on their own [/quote]

The people we have met at both online and offline property events have played a significant part in our investing success. These have included researchers, building inspectors, tradesmen and joint venture partners just to mention a few.

2.  Just One Takeaway

invest in youMaximising your investments is not just about signing the contract, getting a tenant and then putting the whole thing on the shelf to take care of itself. Oh no. There is a LOT of information to keep on top of if you want to keep your expenses to a minimum, save money and increase thee overall returns from your property portfolio. And sometimes, it’s from listening to one of these free property investment seminars that you will hear the one tip that will be a major takeaway for you.

3.  Knowledge Is Power

As your education increases it’s easy to think you know enough. Wow – what a mistake!

In my opinion you can never know enough.

It is great to be led by a mentor or support person as you begin your investing journey. But it’s also important you take responsibility for your financial future. Property investing can be a little like a game of chess. You’ve got to always look at the current situation (economic) to help you decide on the best way to make you next move.

The purpose of your investing is for it to take you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. As such, it’s going to take a little bit of education along the way. Staying up to date on information by attending events is a great way to do this. [quote]Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. – Maimonides[/quote]

 You don’t know what you don’t know.   Think about that…..

It’s for this reason I would encourage you to attend educational and informative events relating to property investing as long as you keep these main points I’ve mentioned top of mind:

  • Tread with caution.
  • Set your intentions.
  • Know your strategy and stay focused on your goals.

How do you know what property, or which investment strategy is best for you?   If you’re looking for help with where to get started to make your next move ….  all you have to do is contact me to register for a Strategy Action Plan call.

Here’s to your success!


P.S.     I would love to help you take your property investing to the next level.

If you have any questions, contact me directly or leave a comment below.

Being Struck by Investing Information Overload

Ever Felt Like You’ve Been Struck By Investing Information Overload?

investing information overloadOh boy – feeling paralysed with investing information overload happens to the best of us and it’s even worse for those who are new to the idea of property investing.

Information overload happens when you seek to learn about something you want to be more knowledgeable about. You start to seek out information and then…. all of a sudden you have loads of websites you’re reading, every person you speak to has a different opinion on the topic and an inbox full of emails all containing more information.

Now, instead of being eager to proceed with the idea of buying an investment property – you are struck with ‘analysis paralysis’ and can’t seem to take a step forward.

This feeling of overwhelm doesn’t just happen with buying investment properties.

Although I have, and still do sometimes experience the ‘analysis paralysis’, the feeling of information overload was never as great as when I was first learning internet marketing. Boy – that was a time where I had so much information coming at me at once I felt completely overwhelmed.

One of the reasons this investing information overload can happen is because as you gain knowledge on the subject of property investing you soon realize that there is not one size to fit all. No one single investing strategy is right for everyone.

It can become very frustrating to not get a straight answer for all your questions. And as you seek to gather answers to your questions, the amount of knowledge you are exposed to increases more and more.

I have seen analysis paralysis stop many would-be investors from buying fantastic opportunities because they have over-analysed the deal and then talked themselves out of it.

A great example of this is a member recently who was buying a $215,000 property in Queensland. He had done all his due diligence on the property and had all his figures together. Then started to doubt his decision and get information overload after he heard stories in the media and got concerned with information on the percentage of investor loans versus home buyer loans across Australia. Then he bought some magazines and saw different information again. Every which way he turned was a different angle or story and he began to over analyse his figures. Luckily we could coach him through this time of uncertainty so he could move forward and a have a profitable property portfolio.

How Information Overload Can Strangle Your Property Investing Plans

With this information overload hanging like a big cloud overhead, most people back out of buying an investment property because they lack trust in their own judgement. They may have great ideas of what they want; gathered great information and yet still do nothing. As I’ve mentioned before, time in the property market works in your favour. These people who sit and do nothing are the type who continually look back in hindsight complaining about missed opportunities as they see the price of real estate going up and up over time.

We have worked with many clients who are like this. Hesitant, nervous, anxious and confused with all the information they have been receiving. It gives us the greatest buzz to get these members over this hurdle. And that is all it is – just a hurdle. And once they’ve jumped over that it’s great to have them get to the point where they feel confident in their buying decisions.

It’s easy for them to become unstoppable when they have mastered the art of investing with their head and not their heart.

Tips To Overcome Investing Information Overload

1.   If you start of have this feeling of investing information overload, it’s important to have a mentor or someone who is an active property investor themselves. They can help you overcome your analysis paralysis because they will completely understand having the same feelings. You need the support of someone who takes the time to go through information as often and as slowly as you need to feel comfortable. The last thing you want are pushy salesmen or real estate agents who need to meet monthly sales figures.

Having a mentor who will guide you without doing it for you will help to gain confidence and understanding.

2.    Be clear on the strategy you want to focus at the moment for your property investing. It could be positive cashflow, negative gearing, property development, renovation, buy and hold or a combination. Once you know your strategy, then seek out information only relative to that topic and let the rest go for now. It will all be there when and if you need it. If you’re not sure on the right strategy for you this is a good place to start.

3.   Write down or verbalize what is concerning you. Then look for a solution to each point you have listed. Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper and head one side “Pros” and one side “Cons”. List down all the advantages or benefits to moving forward under the ‘pros’ side. Then list down the worst case scenarios or disadvantages on the other. pros and cons with information overload

That really puts things in perspective, right?

The act of writing down your worst fears can help you look at them from different angles. It allows you to analyze them for validity, and come up with potential solutions.

I find this to be an extremely helpful exercise when I feel “stuck” or have some hit of fear or anxiety associated too much information with a buying decision or project. Even better is to turn to a trusted source – a mentor or community – and ask for feedback. Sometimes a fresh perspective, or a different set of eyes can make a world of difference!

I hope this helps you push through and get past some of the things that have been holding you back, or maybe just slowing you down a bit. You’re not alone. I’ve been through all of this myself at one time or another – and sometimes even still.

Fear associated with investing information overload is often the biggest obstacle and knowledge and action are usually the solution.

If you feel overwhelmed with information and worry about making a mistake it may be because you just need to talk things through. Reach out and ask questions from trusted sources if you feel you feel something is missing. Then take action to achieve your desired result.

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Ready to smash through the investing information overload, get over the hurdle, and have an amazing property portfolio running at maximum profit potential?

Schedule a private strategy session, and let me help you personally. Whatever you decide, take action today![/box]

9 Things Successful Property Investors Won’t Do If They Want to Create a Life of Freedom and Adventure

Freedom and Adventure: Murray and Fay McLean Grand Canyon









Travelling the United States for 5 weeks – Murray and I helicoptering through the Grand Canyon

How did I do this?

What inspired me to become a property investor living a life of freedom and adventure?

Years ago at this time of day, I’d be looking out the kitchen window at the farm paddocks that were suffering from lack of rain and the dusty driveway. I was a farmer’s wife and I worked part time to being in some extra cash so the family could have a few treats.

Now, at this time in amazing Albany on the south-west of Western Australia, I’m sharing my thoughts about continually creating a life of freedom and adventure. I’d never have dreamed this would be my life….in a million years. (And, I’m not done with creating it yet!)

Back at the start of the old farming days I was:

  • Ignorant of the property market’s earning potential
  • Ignorant of the rules of smart investing
  • Ignorant of all things finance and legal
  • Ignorant of personal development

Yet here I am. How?

I became comfortable with being uncomfortable. Forget about all the traditional advice, of having a vision, or desiring a fuller life, or any of that good stuff.

I became comfortable with being nervous, or anxious, or worried….or with being frustrated, or jealous….or with being excited, or elated, or….with hand shaking and my stomach churning each time I found myself in an uncomfortable situation.

Yes, no matter how much you try to avoid these emotions, you need to face, embrace and release them, to create a life of freedom and adventure through smart property investing.

The trick is that managing your emotions is as much about what you won’t do as it is about what you will do.

So, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the kinds of things that smart property investors are careful to avoid while building a solid property portfolio and living their ideal lifestyle. They consciously avoid these behaviours because they are tempting and easy to fall into if not careful.

They Won’t Let Anyone Limit Their Joy

be happy

Smart property investors don’t allow others to determine their level of happiness. When you seek pleasure and satisfaction by comparing yourself to others, you’re no longer the master of your own happiness. When smart property investors feel good about something that they’ve done, they won’t let anyone’s opinions or accomplishments take that away from them.

You don’t have to compare yourself to others, and you can always receive other people’s opinions as nothing more than a constructive comment. That way, no matter what other people are thinking or doing, your self-worth comes from within.

Regardless of what people think of you at any particular moment, one thing is certain—you’re never as good or bad as they say you are.

They Won’t Forget

Smart property investors are unwilling to be bogged down unnecessarily by others’ mistakes. They will let them go quickly. This doesn’t mean they will forget though. They will remember any wrong doings and protect themselves from being affected in the same way in the future. Learning from mistakes rather than dwelling on them.

They Won’t Die in the Fight

fighting spiritThere are many situations where you would be wise to walk away and conserve your energy for more important matters. But – that doesn’t mean you lie down and give in all the time.

Almost anything you want to happen can happen. Changes in contracts, creative finance strategies, win-win outcomes for all parties involved in a deal can all be a reality if you keep on fighting to see one day after another.

Choose your battles wisely and stand your ground when the time is right

They Won’t Live in the Past

Failure can wear down your self confidence and make it hard to believe you can achieve a better result next time. Most of what people consider as failures are a result of taking risks or trying to achieve something that might not be easy. You can’t live in the past. You can’t allow these valuable experiences to stop you from believing in your ability to succeed.

[quote]Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”[/quote] – Denis Waitley

They Won’t Dwell on Problems

If you are investing in property – there are going to be problems! To create a life of freedom and adventure you need to be in a good emotional state. When you fixate on the problems that you’re facing, you create and prolong negative emotions and stress, which hinders performance.

When you’re faced with a problem, rather than dwell on it and drain your energy – focus more on how you can find an effective solution. Make strong decisions and then move on.

They Don’t Think They Will Get Rick Quick

There are many successful property investing strategies and each of them have the ability to put profits into your bank account to help you create financial freedom and live your ideal lifestyle. The amount of profit potential from each strategy is different, and usually in line with the risk factor. All of the will take either time, money or energy.

On some property buys you can make great profit, on others less. But sure as night follows day, very few deals will give you a ‘get rich quick’ result. Smart property investors know their numbers, do their due diligence and know there is no such thing as get rich quick.   Sorry if that just burst your bubble 

They Won’t Hang Around Negative People

An earlier post on this topic was so well received, you should read it if you haven’t already

Plenty of people will tell you all about bad new, their problems and wallow in self pity. You must resist joining their pity party! Travis Bradberry, Ph.D. says “People often feel pressure to listen to complainers because they don’t want to be seen as callous or rude, but there’s a fine line between lending a sympathetic ear and getting sucked into their negative emotional spiral.

You can avoid getting drawn in only by setting boundaries and limiting time with these people when necessary. Consider it this way: if there was a person smoking, would you sit there all afternoon inhaling the second-hand smoke? You’d distance yourself, and you should do the same with complainers.

A great way to set limits is to ask complainers how they intend to fix a problem. The complainer will then either quiet down or change the conversation in a more positive direction.”

They Won’t Misjudge Cash Flow

Looking at the numbers that make up a deal initially is good. Buyers fees, agents fees, settlement fees, bank fees along with rates and taxes to name just a few. Knowing these costs upfront and knowing affordability is a must.  misjudge cash flow

The other part of this equation is to take into account a regular amount for maintenance on your property (regardless of its age), and a good allowance for time when there may be no tenant. If you happen to have a property that goes untenanted for a period of 30-45 days or more, your asset can quickly turn into a liability.

These are two types outgoings that smart property investors take into account on every property so they will never get caught short on cash flow unexpectedly.

They Don’t Play Lone Ranger

Smart property investors understand quickly that they don’t know everything! This means they will call on other smart professionals to ride alongside them with guidance. They will build a team of professionals who know their game as it relates to smart property investing. Solicitors, accountants, real estate agents and tradesman to name just a few.

[quote]It is much more rewarding to get to the top of the mountain and share your experience with others than to show up by yourself, exhausted.”[/quote]
-Shandel Slaten

Heck, just look at someone like Dymphna Boholt. She has an incredible history of property investing, and even though she’s got loads of professional expertise herself, the lady has some serious team players around her.

She’s a champ.

The other part of a successful investors’ support crew will be networking with like minded individuals who are supportive of their goals; other investors to bounce ideas off and get feedback from. They will have people who keep them on the ball and give them a kick in the butt when they need it.

The Secret Sauce

Being a smart property investor has lots to do with the properties and the numbers for sure. But the secret sauce that brings it all together is what’s going on in your mind. I’m constantly working on several of these pointers I’ve mentioned all the time. After all, you don’t just ‘get done’ with this sort of stuff.

I hope this post reminded you of a few areas that could need working on for you too

Your Turn

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To all of my professional property investors, what tips would you add to this list?

Are you struggling to become a smart property investor?

What do you need to change so you can create a life of freedom and adventure?

Here’s to your success!

Lie Down With Dogs and You May Wake Up With Fleas

BlogBackgroundIt is commonly said that you are a reflection of the 5 people that you most commonly associate with.

Take a look around you and you will most likely see what I mean.

When you are wanting to be make change in your personal or business life, or your financial situation, it is critical that you immerse yourself in an environment that will support your new intentions.

You see, who you allow into your space governs the levels of success you’ll receive. I was reminded of the importance of association last weekend when we had the pleasure of a friend stay with us. She is a motivated, forward thinking, take no rubbish, kinda girl. While she was in our immediate space, everyone lifted their game. No excuses were allowed, attitude heightened, intentions were set and achieved. The more you associate with incredible people like this, the better you will play your own game of life.

Be careful not to let yourself slip into spending more time than you need with people who have little else to do than complain about how bad the economy is, or how sorry they are feeling for themselves. 

Don’t get me wrong, being able to listen and being a good friend is important too; just be aware of your own needs and strive to be amongst those who support you in those and lift you up, rather than those who are keen to drag you down, because for sure, you fill find plenty of them about.

Association is a two-sided coin; it can make or break you, lift you up or throw you down – it’s your decision.

Some of the best advice an old friend gave me once.  He said…
[quote] Only listen to the people who are where you want to be.”[/quote]

That’s why I commit a lot of time and money to continuing self education and building relationships with other property investors and entrepreneurs.  The main reason Murray and I spent 5 weeks travelling from Mexico across the USA to finish in Miami last year was to hang out with go-getting ambitous people we could learn from as well as spending time doing fun adventurous things like ziplining too – of course!

   Jenny and I playing “Mexican’

Financial freedom allows fun and adventure ziplining

First timers at ziplining across the Mexican canyons – so much fun!

When you start to do property deals, buy interstate or renovate a property it’s easy to feel like you live on another planet. The lingo and language you use is different from most of your family and friends. Different aspects of the economy and community interest you in how they might affect your buying decisions. All of this new learning stands you apart from many friends and family who are non-investors.

It’s important to feel like you belong to a community of like minded individuals. To have a place where you can openly speak your mind, talk about challenges you are facing or be excited about the amount of profit you can make from a property without judgment.

Last year we met like minded people at this event. The property ventures we have entered into as a result of the people we met will return us $74,000 in cash plus continued capital growth. That is how important it is to hang out with the right people!

The event is on again so now YOU have a chance to hang out with all the folks at the event too – who knows where it might lead…..

You can book your spot here if you’re keen and I might see you there! icon_smile

Does Your Current Day Suit Your Lifestyle Goals?

Living the Ski Bunny Lifestyle

The Ski Bunny Lifestyle on the Slopes of Coronet Peak, New Zealand

Having just returned from a couple of weeks holiday I’m aware of the ability to be in control of how and where I choose to spend my time building our income streams from property.   So many small business owners, 9-5 ‘ers and solopreneurs are held to the restraints of the office or tied to one on one appointments that need to be maintained on a consistent basis, in order to keep the money flowing to pay the bills.

I am so grateful for my lifestyle as I sit in my sunroom doing this short blog, the wind is up and the ocean is choppy. I have a couple of hours working on my blog and property stuff after having spent most of the day so far having fun with our granddaughter.

One thing is for sure, if you want something to come to fruition, you have to set out with the intention right from the start.   Goals, timelines, action steps should all be in place for you to have every chance of achieving your desired outcome.

Here’s a short video I shot for you the morning we got back home….

Your Turn

Now is a great time to decide how you want your investment portfolio to look like for the rest of 2014 and beyond.

Do you want to continue to grind out the 9-5 in the future, or do you want more freedom, more flexibility and a greater passive income?

If you chose the later, then you might need to consider the best investment strategies to achieve the ideal portfolio for your financial goals. One that suits how you want your lifestyle to be.
Reach out to me if you need help with that!

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What Dieting And Buying Rental Property Have In Common


What Dieting And Buying Rental Property Have In Common

Could dieting really be anything like buying rental property?  

I’m one of these people who only have to look at food to gain weight. Maybe you’re like that too? In fact, my tendency to gain weight so easily is the main reason I’ve developed a lifetime habit of regularly working out pretty hard for six days of the week.

I’ve just returned from a fabulous holiday to New Zealand where I (abnormally) did no workouts at all except for some days skiing and the usual walking to see attractions. Add to this the fabulous chocolate café we discovered together with the delicious ice-cream in New Zealand – and it’s a recipe for a waistline disaster!!

Back home and the dial on the scales has shot way up and all my clothes are far too snug!

Then it hits me – BOOM – time to take serious action!

You might already be wondering what the heck this has to do with your progress as you work towards buying rental property. Stick with me here for a bit and you’ll see……

So I start to ask myself “Exactly what changes do I want?”

To tone up and lose centimetres from my middle? To drop 5 kilograms? To run a half marathon? These are important questions because unless I can answer specifically, I won’t know the right action to take to achieve my goals.

I’ve decided that my focus needs to be on following a healthy eating plan and avoid the sugars (I love my lollies and icecream!).

So next decision is what ‘diet’ should I follow? Lots of diets to choose from: low carb, sugar free, calorie counting, weight watchers and loads more. It’s important I choose the right nutritional plan. For example, I wouldn’t want to be eating a low carb diet if I expected to be running a half marathon again any time soon.

Now I’ve got my objectives worked out and how I plan on achieving them. But I’ve learnt over the years that I get the best results when I have some sort of support or accountability. I know I’m going to need help. And asking for help will mean I’ll reach my goals a lot faster too.

I love taking sessions with a personal trainer or joining group classes at the gym for motivation and inspiration. I’ve already pulled out some editions of the fitness magazines I’ve got to help me design a variety of workouts and I was back cycling with the group this morning even though it was only 1 degree outside. But – sometimes you will find there is a little bit of pain associated with getting the results you are after icon_smile

It’s going to be so much easier to have the support of other people around me.

You can probably start to see the similarities coming through here now because you will go through exactly the same decision making process at some time during your investment journey.

Buying Rental Property Can Change Your Life

There will be a moment when you finally make and commit to your decision to take some serious action.

For me, that moment was when Murray and I looked desperately at our property spreadsheeet. And saw for one time too often, the figure of almost $70,000 it was costing us to hold our negatively geared property portfolio.

Thankfully, we were finally jolted into action and knew that serious steps needed to be taken to turn the situation around.

bigproblemPerhaps for you it’s the day you finish work so late or feel frustrated and ‘snap’ to the decision that you are going to change your financial situation. You recognize that serious action needs to be taken to change your circumstances.

Once that decision has been made you also need to decide exactly what results you actually want to achieve. Do you want to create a passive income of $100,000 per year? Do you simply want to have access to an additional $5,000 per month? Do you want to pay off your principal place of residence (PPR) first?

Being clear on what results you want will help you decide which investment strategies will work best to achieve your objectives. Becoming involved with property development is quite different to renovating a run down cottage which is quite different again to buying a newer townhouse that is already tenanted.

And all of these strategies will provide different financial returns. So you might start to feel a little confused at this stage. Not sure which way to turn. Maybe you’re unsure exactly what location to buy a property. Perhaps you don’t know how much you could afford to pay for a property.

It’s time to find the trainers, mentors and support groups that can help you with your buying decisions.   Without this kind of support your journey can be a long, slow and painful one.

But when you find a good support crew, turning around even the most difficult situation can be exciting, fun and extremely rewarding. And, you’ll get the results you are after so much quicker too!

Researching, reading books, attending seminars and workshops are all great (and I encourage all of them). But eventually you need to take action.

One of the things that prevent most people from investing in property is fear. But if you look at things realistically, you can see that the process is actually no different to making a decision to go on a diet.

Understanding this will help take some of the fear out of your investing decisions or how you think about buying rental property. After all – no one gets fearful about starting a diet…. Do they?

Taking that next step is sometimes the hardest, and I want you to know I’m here to help you all the way

What about you? What is preventing you from moving forward with your investment plans?

I challenge you to schedule in some time to “take the next step” this week… and let some magic happen.

Leave a comment below with your best method of overcoming your fears, or your experience with this simple creative thinking exercise. I’d love to hear what works for you and/or your experience with “changing your thought process”!

Here’s to your success!

p.s. It can be really helpful to get an outside perspective, to brainstorm with someone else who may add ideas to yours, or to get feedback on your investment plans. I offer creative ideas, creative angles, and new concepts to consider in our regular emails and on our Facebook page. Join us! I’d love to help YOU spark some action plan ideas in your investing journey.

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The Game of Life

This weeks Thought comes from a conversation from Michael and Sarah inside the Ultimate Real Estate Members Area which I belong to. So come take a sneak peak inside because this is a very quick game that I want you to play. It will take you about two minutes.

game time

It’s thought provoking, so when you’re done I want you to leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Imagine playing a game with these rules:

1) Each morning your generous bank would deposit $86,400 into your personal account, provided you adhere to the following competition rules.
2) Everything that you didn’t spend during each day would be taken from you.
3) You can’t transfer money into another account – you can only spend it.
4) Each day, the magic bank account is refilled with another $86,400 for spending.
5) The bank can revoke the prize and end the game without warning by simply closing the account.
6) If that happens, you can never win another prize – that’s it, game over.

Now would you consider playing this game?  Would you try to spend every dollar, and use it all, because you knew it would be replenished the next morning?

We all know that no bank would ever do this but just consider that there may be a game which is similar to this but does not involve money but does involve TIME.clock-198x300

1. Each day you receive 86,400 seconds as a life gift.
2. When you go to sleep at night, any remaining time for that day is gone.
3. What you haven’t used up that day is forever lost.
4. Yesterday is forever gone.
5. Each morning the account is refilled, but the your account can be terminated at any time, without any prior warning………
6. ………..

Are you using your time usefully?

Make every moment count.

Start now, don’t wait, not even a minute. TAKE ACTION NOW!




Investing In Property: Is It A Good Time To Invest In Property Today?

If you’re considering investing in property, “Is it a good time to invest in property today?” is a great question to ask.

Investing In Property: Is It A Good Time To Invest In Property Today?

Potential investors will often be thrown off track with reports they hear in the media about interest rates that might skyrocket, or that in 2 years time housing  prices will hit rock bottom, or  there will be a better opportunity to invest in property around the corner.   Let’s face it, the media loves (and needs) a good story!

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s a wise thing to keep your eyes and ears open as to what is going on in the economy.  But it’s more important is to use strong statistical data and research tools to find out for yourself what is going on, or is likely to happen.

Some of the key factors to look at, analyse and understand when investing in property are:

1.   What industry is going on in the area? Be sure to even delve into the management strength of large companies. You need to be sure there is employment prospects long term in any area you might want to place your investment dollars.

2.   Calculate your borrowings using a strong buffer for interest rates. Do your affordability figures based on todays interest rate, and also on a higher rate in case there is a rise.  Be sure you can afford to hold the property under both situations.

Below is an example calculation of the weekly holding cost of a property.  In other words – exactly how much you, as an investor, would have to find each week to keep this property.  It has taken into account fees such as stamp duty and settlement, ongoing property management fees, interest due, rent received etc.

Investing In Property: Costs to keep an investment propertyYou MUST know your numbers!

3.   Investing in property that you buy under market value will be a huge advantage. There is a saying that goes something like this “It’s not what you sell a property for but rather what you bought it for that determines your profit.”  Using a buyers agent or the power of group buying can pay off here.

4.   Understand the demographics of the area and what type of dwelling is ideal for prospective tenants or development.  Where are the main roads, any new council approvals in the system, new schools or shopping centres being developed?

So now, back to the question: Is it a good time to invest in property today?

Once you’ve considered these important indicators above as a starting point, you should have a much clearer pathway to being able to come up with your own answer.

Investing in Property With Your Head and Not Your Heart

Subscriptions to high quality magazines and data research such as RP Data are great places to begin doing your own research and obtaining this kind of information when you start looking for an area that will meet your investment needs. I suggest starting a spreadsheet to record all the information for different areas you  are considering.  After a while, you’ll start to see patterns emerging as to where high growth rates are, fast selling suburbs etc and before long, the information you have gathered will start to ‘speak back to you’.

Yes, this does seem like a lot of work.  But after all, your money is valuable (or should be!) and you want to invest it wisely.  Using statistics and numbers to make your decisions also takes the emotion out of your investing – making decisions with your head and not your heart.

If all of this seems too overwhelming for you to do on your own, another good idea is to associate with other people who have already had years experience investing in property.  Being part of a support community (like this blog) or mentoring group can  help put aside the nerves and fears that can be associated with making that investment decision.

Investing in property is about two things – education and action.

Do you remember when GST was first introduced?  People still invested in property and have made good money.  Do you remember the first stock market crash?  People still invested then in property and have made good money.  It was not the timing  their investment was made, but rather the decision around what, where and how much the investment was for. I started my investment journey when interest rates were up to 18% and was still investing in property through the stock market crash – yet I have never looked back!
There are always  going to be moving market indicators no matter when you decide to commence your investment journey.  You can use these moving indicators as an excuse to stay in your comfort zone and do nothing.  But I can assure you – sitting, wishing and waiting will not make you any money.  Action and implementation will!

Considering investing in property? Is it a good time to invest in property today?”    In my opinion…… if the numbers and statistics add up (as far as affordability,  holding costs, location, demographics etc), then the sooner you get on the gravy train, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards.

Here’s to your success!





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