Lie Down With Dogs and You May Wake Up With Fleas

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BlogBackgroundIt is commonly said that you are a reflection of the 5 people that you most commonly associate with.

Take a look around you and you will most likely see what I mean.

When you are wanting to be make change in your personal or business life, or your financial situation, it is critical that you immerse yourself in an environment that will support your new intentions.

You see, who you allow into your space governs the levels of success you’ll receive. I was reminded of the importance of association last weekend when we had the pleasure of a friend stay with us. She is a motivated, forward thinking, take no rubbish, kinda girl. While she was in our immediate space, everyone lifted their game. No excuses were allowed, attitude heightened, intentions were set and achieved. The more you associate with incredible people like this, the better you will play your own game of life.

Be careful not to let yourself slip into spending more time than you need with people who have little else to do than complain about how bad the economy is, or how sorry they are feeling for themselves. 

Don’t get me wrong, being able to listen and being a good friend is important too; just be aware of your own needs and strive to be amongst those who support you in those and lift you up, rather than those who are keen to drag you down, because for sure, you fill find plenty of them about.

Association is a two-sided coin; it can make or break you, lift you up or throw you down – it’s your decision.

Some of the best advice an old friend gave me once.  He said…

Only listen to the people who are where you want to be.”

That’s why I commit a lot of time and money to continuing self education and building relationships with other property investors and entrepreneurs.  The main reason Murray and I spent 5 weeks travelling from Mexico across the USA to finish in Miami last year was to hang out with go-getting ambitous people we could learn from as well as spending time doing fun adventurous things like ziplining too – of course!

   Jenny and I playing “Mexican’

Financial freedom allows fun and adventure ziplining

First timers at ziplining across the Mexican canyons – so much fun!

When you start to do property deals, buy interstate or renovate a property it’s easy to feel like you live on another planet. The lingo and language you use is different from most of your family and friends. Different aspects of the economy and community interest you in how they might affect your buying decisions. All of this new learning stands you apart from many friends and family who are non-investors.

It’s important to feel like you belong to a community of like minded individuals. To have a place where you can openly speak your mind, talk about challenges you are facing or be excited about the amount of profit you can make from a property without judgment.

Last year we met like minded people at this event. The property ventures we have entered into as a result of the people we met will return us $74,000 in cash plus continued capital growth. That is how important it is to hang out with the right people!

The event is on again so now YOU have a chance to hang out with all the folks at the event too – who knows where it might lead…..

You can book your spot here if you’re keen and I might see you there! icon_smile

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