Retirement: A lotto win or something more reliable?

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lottowinAre you one of the majority of the population that will not have enough money for a comfortable retirement?

Yes, it’s such a very scary question that in fact, very few people will address the situation.

We all need to have plans and goals for our future, and I can tell you now they will not happen on their own accord. This is a true fact that for about 10% of our population, their  strategy for retirement is to win the lotto.  How sad is that?

We all need something better if we want to live in a comfortable retirement. For a couple, the pension only pays approx AUD $26,000 per year which is not very much at all.  And the average superannuation payout is around AUD $75,000.  My calculations are that although you would have enough to live for a couple of years from your superannuation.  But after that then bang, you are living on the pension.  That may not sound like  such a bad idea to you, but with a little planning now, you could well and truly set yourself up for a much more comfortable lifestyle in your later years.

You may well ask “How is that at all possible?” Well I can tell you that nothing is impossible, and let nothing beat you.

I was in that position. I was 36 and married, we had a little money put aside, owned our own home, and thought we was set for life.  My husband and I sat down, had a really good look at where we would be when I was 55.  Don’t forget, I did not have superannuation, but I did have some shares in a portfolio although they didn’t amount to much.

What we could foresee as our financial future was real scary.

That is when I decided to start investing in property and now, 12 years later I have a portfolio of ten properties which are nicely spread across   Australia. Yes, property will have its time when it goes a bit flat, but let’s not forget the 15% drop  that a share market can take at any unexpected time. Property has been great to me and my portfolio has doubled in about 9 years.

As an experienced property investor myself, I have huge experience which I can pass on to you and I am just waiting to help and educate you in property investing.  It is possible for you  to enjoy a really rewarding lifestyle in your later years.

Keep your dreams alive!

Here’s to your success!



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  1. Lille Low September 4, 2013 at 12:44 PM #

    Hi there,

    I enjoy reading your posts which are straight to the point but sincere and thought provoking. I am living in Singapore and would like to know what kind of property & location will be ideal for foreigners to invest in in Australia. Thanks in advance!
    Lille Low recently posted…Nobody Ever Said It Would Be Easy, Only That It’ll Be Worth ItMy Profile

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