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Does Your Current Day Suit Your Lifestyle Goals?

Living the Ski Bunny Lifestyle

The Ski Bunny Lifestyle on the Slopes of Coronet Peak, New Zealand

Having just returned from a couple of weeks holiday I’m aware of the ability to be in control of how and where I choose to spend my time building our income streams from property.   So many small business owners, 9-5 ‘ers and solopreneurs are held to the restraints of the office or tied to one on one appointments that need to be maintained on a consistent basis, in order to keep the money flowing to pay the bills.

I am so grateful for my lifestyle as I sit in my sunroom doing this short blog, the wind is up and the ocean is choppy. I have a couple of hours working on my blog and property stuff after having spent most of the day so far having fun with our granddaughter.

One thing is for sure, if you want something to come to fruition, you have to set out with the intention right from the start.   Goals, timelines, action steps should all be in place for you to have every chance of achieving your desired outcome.

Here’s a short video I shot for you the morning we got back home….

Your Turn

Now is a great time to decide how you want your investment portfolio to look like for the rest of 2014 and beyond.

Do you want to continue to grind out the 9-5 in the future, or do you want more freedom, more flexibility and a greater passive income?

If you chose the later, then you might need to consider the best investment strategies to achieve the ideal portfolio for your financial goals. One that suits how you want your lifestyle to be.
Reach out to me if you need help with that!

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