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Money Doesn’t Show Any Discrimination

Money does not show any discrimination, it does not grow on trees, but it is made to flow freely around the world.

We actually all have the same opportunities in life.  It really bugs me when people remark, “Gee how come you can go on a holiday?”, or “gee how can you have an investment property?”
You might have had similar things said to you.

Don’t worry about what you did yesterday.  Today is a brand new day and as I said we all have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else to become wealthy. However, the vast majority, of people will never achieve freedom financially.

Take a long hard look at yourself and ask the question, “Where do I want to be financially, and when do I want to get there?”  If you are one of the majority that think other people are lucky, then stop. Take a deep breath and know that you can have the same kind of ‘luck’ too.

There is a small group of property investors in Australia that are becoming wealthy, and I am one of them.  I can help you to go down the same path as me…

I want to share with you a comment that is said often to me about property investing.  This one, I hear all the time…


Stop now and don’t put yourself down any longer. Anyone can invest in property, and yes it can be challenging. It is not rocket science, and my best advice to you would be finding yourself a mentor, or someone that actually invests in property.

Many people have great ideas and think they know all about investing but when it comes to the nitty gritty they really are all huff and puff. When you are looking around for that person to help you, please make sure you ask the question “Have you invested in property and are you wealthy or at least on the track to financial freedom?”

Really the truth is you can do anything you want to do. Saying that you’re dumb or not smart enough is just an excuse.

If you know nothing about investing, be determined to learn all you can about property investing so that you can set yourself on the path to financial freedom.

Find someone that has done what you want to do, and is where you want to be. Use their knowledge to fast track your own success by avoiding the major mistakes most people make. The world is at your feet!

When people then say to you “Gee you are so lucky”, be humble and let them know we all have the same opportunities.  Grab yours, run with them and before you know it, you will be where you want to be!