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Is Financial Freedom Possible? Or Is It Just A Dream?

I think the reality is that everyone wants to have financial freedom! 

Why?  Mostly people want to enjoy more fun and freedom in their life.  They want to spend more time doing all the things they love.

But also….. so they don’t have to worry about how they’ll manage with unexpected and extended time off work or unexpected bills or medical expenses.

I have spent the last week sitting beside a hospital bed while Murray (darling husband) as been receiving treatment for a serious internal clot.

Working Hard can lead to financial freedomGoing on outside the window of his hospital room there is construction for a new wing of the hospital. I’ve been watching the labourers on the site for several days now and while I don’t know for sure, I can only imagine what is going through their minds day after day.

Day in, day out, in the hot sun they are climbing ladders, hammering tossing bricks. It’s my bet every single one of them wakes up every day and feels like they have to drag themselves to work. And then, towards lunchtime they’ll be counting down the hours till its knock off time.

I bet, each day that instead of rolling out of bed when their alarm goes off in the morning, they’re wishing they could head out for a long breakfast, spend the day fishing, head to the beach and catch some waves, or perhaps spend time with their family instead.

Perhaps you have similar thoughts??

Wishing you could choose how you spend your day rather than put in the long hours you do at work. Or at least, just work at what you love doing rather than being a cog in someone else’s business.

While sitting by a hospital bed is not the most glamorous thing to be doing, I’m grateful I could pack up and take off from home to the city, book some accommodation to allow me to be with Murray while he is so ill.

It is true luxury to not have to ask a boss for time off.  To not have to shuffle shifts (although I did have to give up babysitting my grand-daughter) and to not be panicking about how we will pay the bills because we are both taking time away from our working environment.

I can only do this because I know we have our money working hard for us. Investing in property has given us the ability to have freedom of choice as to how we get to spend our time. We have income coming in from our investment properties which lands in our bank accounts no matter what else we are doing.

Every day I find situations that make me grateful we took steps to financial freedom and made the decision to build a property portfolio so that when the need arises (just like now) we are financially comfortable and able to have more choices than most.

Perhaps you are still in a place where you are working long hours. Being in that position is not always a bad thing!! After all…

[quote]Hard work is a prison sentence only if it does not have meaning. Once it does, it becomes the kind of thing that jakes you grab your partner around the waist and dance a jig![/quote]

If the meaning of your hard work is that you are focussed on a savings plan for a property – great!

If that meaning of your hard work is so you can have serviceability to borrow funds for your next property – great!

What’s important is that you take action to discover how to turn the hard work you do now, into steps towards financial freedom in the future.

  • Are you ready to take the next step?
  • Are you ready to see what your money will buy?
  • Are you ready to put a plan into place to buy your first, second or perhaps third investment property?

It’s 5pm and as I glance outside, all of the labourers are clocking off for the day. I’m about to leave the hospital for today and as I take a glance at the labourers on the construction site outside, I hope sincerely that each and every one of them has a meaning to the hard work they are putting in.

You’re already one step ahead of most people by even reading this blog. You’ve taken the first step to reach out.

Are you ready to put your hard work to good use??

There can be a lot to figure out if you are just starting to think about if you want to invest in property and don’t know where to start. If you want to look at the next move you need I can help. That’s what I’m here for!

Work hard now by all means….  assert yourself and you can shape your future to you desire.

[quote]Success and financial freedom is not a random act!   It arises out of the powerful opportunities that investing in property can provide.[/quote]

Seriously, unless you’re having every emotional and lifestyle need met by working hard…. Why are you doing it?

Why spin your wheels every day hoping and praying life will get a little easier and be more fun.

There’s a better way…

If you’d like a more in depth private discussion on what’s the best way forward for you, go to…


Here’s to your success!



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P.P.S. We’ve got Murray back home now and he is getting better bit by bit every day icon_smile