The Game of Life

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This weeks Thought comes from a conversation from Michael and Sarah inside the Ultimate Real Estate Members Area which I belong to. So come take a sneak peak inside because this is a very quick game that I want you to play. It will take you about two minutes.

game time

It’s thought provoking, so when you’re done I want you to leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Imagine playing a game with these rules:

1) Each morning your generous bank would deposit $86,400 into your personal account, provided you adhere to the following competition rules.
2) Everything that you didn’t spend during each day would be taken from you.
3) You can’t transfer money into another account – you can only spend it.
4) Each day, the magic bank account is refilled with another $86,400 for spending.
5) The bank can revoke the prize and end the game without warning by simply closing the account.
6) If that happens, you can never win another prize – that’s it, game over.

Now would you consider playing this game?  Would you try to spend every dollar, and use it all, because you knew it would be replenished the next morning?

We all know that no bank would ever do this but just consider that there may be a game which is similar to this but does not involve money but does involve TIME.clock-198x300

1. Each day you receive 86,400 seconds as a life gift.
2. When you go to sleep at night, any remaining time for that day is gone.
3. What you haven’t used up that day is forever lost.
4. Yesterday is forever gone.
5. Each morning the account is refilled, but the your account can be terminated at any time, without any prior warning………
6. ………..

Are you using your time usefully?

Make every moment count.

Start now, don’t wait, not even a minute. TAKE ACTION NOW!




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  1. Julie August 6, 2014 at 7:44 AM #

    Wow, what a thought provoking game! So true though. Has certainly changed my outlook on today.
    Julie recently posted…Turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swanMy Profile

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