Welcome to Property Investing Support!

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Welcome everybody to my new blog.  This is the place to find support and to help you find your way through the obstacles that can hold so many people back from successfully investing in property, and creating long term wealth.

When you first start to consider investing there are many options available to you and it is sometimes very hard to be sure you are making the right decision.

Throughout our journey here together I will give you my opinion on questions like:

  • Why should I choose property to invest in rather than shares?
  • How do I know where the best places to buy a property are?
  • I wonder if the bank will actually let me borrow money to buy a property?
  • Should I buy a property together with someone else like a friend or my parents?
  • I’m not sure I will be able to afford to keep a property for a long time. How do I know?
  • Finances confuse me so I’m not sure how to set up loan accounts properly.

The questions are never ending and finding reliable answers from people who have YOUR best interests at heart can sometimes be difficult.

My primary aim here is to support you and share my own experiences of 10 years of property investment with you. To help you accelerate your journey to financial independence in a way that you are comfortable with and understand.  Creating a diverse property portfolio that helps to reduce your tax, gives you good long term capital growth and provides you with good return on your investment is a sweet spot to be in.  If that is something that you aspire to, then I’m here to help you along the journey in whatever way I can.


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